Passion Play is a LADIES home party plan created in Plover, Wisconsin in July 1994. Passion Play offers Quality Lingerie (from small to 6X), Leather, Lotions, Novelties, and much more. April of 2010 it was taken over by Becky Stull and now owned/operated from Amherst Junction, WI.

The parties are informative, fun parties presented in the comfort and confidentiality of your home with immediate delivery.

When attending a home party you will get a complete explanation of the products, their safe uses, and you will be able to sample some edibles and lotions. You will be able to choose from the latest lingerie. After the presentation each guest shops individually in the private shopping room. Everything you purchase is taken home the night of the party, unless it needs to be special ordered. If it is special ordered it is sent directly to you as the person ordering it!! All orders are strictly confidential - no one else knows what anybody else is purchasing unless YOU brag about it!!

Passion Play Lingerie & Products are also available online - when ordering online your order will be sent directly to you upon receipt of payment.


By email:

By standard mail:

Passion Play Etc.
11129 County Road Z
Amherst Junction, WI 54407

By phone:
Becky 715-677-4275

Shipping Information:

In stock items are shipped within 48 hours of order being placed. Items that need to be ordered will ship as soon as they arrive to our location.